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Booz Allen Hamilton announced a global partnership with Acalvio today to provide Advanced Cyber Deception Capabilities to Government and Commercial Organizations.

Federal and Industry organizations have recognized the efficacy of Cyber Deception as the threats become increasingly sophisticated, with the involvement of nation-state actors. CISA is urging immediate deployment of Cyber Deception for Network Security in the latest “2022-2026 Strategic Technology Roadmap, Version 4“. MITRE has come up with MITRE Engage, a framework for adversary engagement operations to secure network interior based on deception.
Booz Allen Hamilton is one of the most experienced cyber security services companies, with more than 5000 cyber professionals, some of the longest-lasting relationships across Defense, Intelligence, Civil and Commercial industries and a global reach with 80+ offices around the world. The strategic partnership adds Cyber Deception to Booz Allen’s multiple Cyber-Enabled Platforms for Operational Technology, Cloud Security, 5G Technology Security, Connected Health, and Weapons Systems Cybersecurity, and complements Booz Allen’s existing operational capabilities such as Threat Hunting, Detection Engineering, and Zero Trust.
ShadowPlex, the only Advanced Cyber Deception product with FedRAMP Ready designation, provides differentiated and effective Active Defense and Identity Protection solutions to address the increasingly sophisticated threat landscape.
We are proud to partner with Booz Allen Hamilton to bring these innovative solutions to their federal customers and their global customer base, both in IT and OT.
Click here to download a solution brief authored by Booz Allen and Acalvio to learn more about how deception can improve your security and identity posture and enable operational monitoring in a zero trust environment.